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Since it's inception, BokorMas is the pioneer of low tar & nicotine clove & kretek cigarettes

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BokorMas is one of the finest clove & kretek cigarettes brand in Indonesia. We are one of the oldest manufacturer & supplier of clove & kretek cigarettes. BokorMaS means the gold bowl in Javanese, a pot made of copper or gold. In history of the Kingdoms of Java, bokor was used to store gold jewelry belonging to nobles and rich people at that time. BokorMas signifies an icon of success in production of highest quality clove cigarettes. The quality of flavor, tobacco, service makes us stand out in the ever-growing kretek cigarettes market. We believe in knowing what our consumers want and that's what makes us succeed in catering the needs of not only the local market but our major export markets including Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore and the list keeps heighten. BokorMas strives to become the best in the cigarette market in Indonesia as well as export markets. With adult smokers as the legal target audience, BokorMas tries to offer quality products according to the tastes and choices of consumers.

BokorMas was founded in 1949 by five brothers. The company name itself brings the meaning of Success, Quality and History. BokorMas initiated as a small level home-made cigarette manufacturer to meet the needs of the local market in Mojokerto(50 kilometers, West of Surabaya). Later with the passing time, it became a clove cigarettes brand across the country. It now produce clove & kreket cigarettes at a industry-level scale to meet the quality standards & ever-growing demand of our consumers. After the first, second and third of five brothers passed away, the business was continued by two last brothers to develop and achieve success like the spirit brought from the logo BOKORMAS above.

BokorMas believes in fulfilling the needs of kretek cigarettes market without any compromise on quality & flavor. We are the completely verified & trusted ISO 9001 company. The application of quality management standards or quality-based company management has been the main standard system since 2015. ISO 9001 certificate can be functioned in many business organizations, in any field of business. There are now more than one million companies from 170 countries with ISO 9001 certification. This standard relies on a number of management principles, including the main focus on consumers, motivation and impact on corporate management, an approach to process and continuous development. The use of ISO 9001 helps to ensure that consumers can consistently get good products and services, which in turn gives many benefits to the business.

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