The Leading Medium-scale cigarette manfacturer in Indonesia that produces low tar and nicotine cigarettes.


BokorMas is one of the finest clove & kretek cigarettes brand in Indonesia. BokorMas offers the top-notch quality tobacco products with perfect blend of flavors that makes us a trusted name in clove & kretek cigarettes market. BokorMas distinctive products have the following in both local & global markets. The consistency in producing high quality & wide range of products have enabled BokorMas to established it's name in the cigarette industry. Our shining multi-decades success bespeaks the highest quality of our cigarettes & tobacco products. Their distinct flavor have earned the loyal market in Indonesia as well as overseas.


BokorMas have come a long way since it's small-level beginnings in 1949. We believe in knowing our consumers growing demand, that's how we succeed in catering the needs of kretek & tobacco industry through our products. BokorMas wants to become the best kretek-tobacco-products manufacturer & supplier in the market. We put our consumers at priority that's the reason of our products being according to the tastes and choices of consumers.

Owing our success to our customer satisfaction strategy, BokorMas offers and understands taste choices right way. So in its development, BokorMas can satisfy consumers demand better than that offered by other players in the cigarette industry. BokorMas motto is "Quality above Everything.



BokorMas was founded in 1949 by five brothers. The company name itself brings the meaning of Success, Quality and History. BokorMas initiated as a small level home-made cigarette manufacturer to meet the needs of the local market in Mojokerto(50 kilometers, West of Surabaya). Later with the passing time, it became a clove cigarettes brand across the country. It now produce clove & kreket cigarettes at a industry-level scale to meet the quality standards & ever-growing demand of our consumers.

After the first, second and third of five brothers passed away, the business was continued by two last brothers to develop and achieve success like the spirit brought from the logo BOKORMAS above.

In developing years, BOKORMAS produces clove cigarettes for the domestic market, especially in Mojokerto. And the first production since 1949 is hand-rolled cigarettes (SKT) or commonly called Klobot, whose production center was originally located in Mojokerto and Blitar. And on the development, SKT is only produced in Blitar.

Following the development and competition of the market, BOKORMAS stepped into modernization by producing Machine-Rolled Cigarettes (SKM) in 1956. Since then the era of manufacturing cigarettes with machines started and produced filter cigarettes, which varied in kind and conformed to consumer segments such as mild, menthol and (super) slim.

Also, BOKORMAS became the first medium-scale cigarette making company in Indonesia that successfully producing low tar and nicotine cigarettes. Enriching types and variants of cigarette, BOKORMAS can also establish itself as an expansive medium kretek cigarette company. In the 1990s, BOKORMAS opened sales branch offices in 10 cities in Indonesia, including Mojokerto itself.

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ISO 9001

The application of quality manage- ment standards or quality-based company management has been the main standard system since 2015. ISO 9001 certificate can be functioned in many business organizations, in any field of business. There are now more than one million companies from 170 countries with ISO 9001 certification.

This standard relies on a number of management principles, including the main focus on consumers, motivation and impact on corporate management, an approach to process and continuous development. The use of ISO 9001 helps to ensure that consumers can consistenly get good products and services, which in turn gives many benefits to the business.

ISO Application in BOKORMAS

In line with its vision and goals, BOKORMAS has emphasized product quality. The motto of “Quality is above Everything” is still held because BOKORMAS has become the first medium-scale cigarette company in Indonesia that succeeds in reducing tar and nicotine levels in its products.

BOKORMAS hangs on Government Ordinance 81 of 1999 and 38 of 2000 on Security of Cigarettes for Health. It defines that to meet the maximum content of nicotine and tar levels in cigarettes, a technological assessment is required.

The development of sustainable company infrastructure also supports quality management requirements, as reflected by the modernization to make products that meet market demand. Development is what makes BOKORMAS successfully reduces low nicotine and tar in its products.

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First established as a small-scale company, BOKORMAS manufactures its own cigarette by buying tobacco directly from farmers. It is part of a concern to empower tobacco farmers and harvest their crops. BOKORMAS buys tobacco from farmers in Bojonegoro, Jember and Madura. While clove material purchased from Trenggalek.


Since it is a domestic-scale company, BOKORMAS directly empowers residents around the company. Almost 100 percent of the workforce in BOKORMAS comes from Mojokerto.


Support local revenue through tax payments, which can help regional development.


Domestic International

BOKORMAS keeps producing high quality cigarettes

Standing as a middle-class cigarette company that keeps producing high quality cigarettes, BOKORMAS is trying to aim adult smokers who make their choice responsibly. Therefore, BOKORMAS does marketing its safe products in a responsible manner. Because BOKORMAS remains an adult-oriented cigarette company.

Nowadays BOKORMAS has opened branch offices in several cities in Indonesia, Mojokerto as its center, so as in Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Bandar Lampung, Pekan Baru and Denpasar. BOKORMAS branch offices are also the targets for product distribution, as well as engaging adult consumers to recognize BOKORMAS product quality standards. Other than those branch offices, BOKORMAS still also leans its products distribution outreach on the ability of marketing agents at the cities above mentioned.